The "Consistency" Bundle

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You Get:

4 Bottles...Aloe leave-in Conditioner 

4 Bottles...Extreme Growth Elixir 

Scalp stimulator (head massager)


By the time your 4 months is up, you will be SHOCKED by how incredible your hair will look and feel. By that point you won't be able to stop because the results will be addicting. 

The Elixir will double/triple your Growth rate per month. Then the leave-in conditioner will retain all the growth you'll be getting. You'll see changes in how your edges look, your hair will be stronger, and of course it'll be growing faster. Don't forget that using your scalp stimulator 5 minutes a day will help your hair growth.

We recommend using the Elixir & leave-in Conditioner together. 

Products last based on frequency of use.