Adjustable Derma Stamp

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  • The Adjustable Derma Stamp is a tool used for skin, but it's also used for hair regrowth. This is ideal for those that have bald spots, alopecia, male/female pattern balding, hair thinning, damaged edges...even those looking to thicken their hair or speed up hair growth.
  • This tool smooths the surface of the skin with micro-fine needles made of surgical-grade stainless steel. This procedure creates tiny invisible punctures in the epidermis, which triggers the body’s healing process. Since we are using this for hair, the natural repair process helps to sprout new follicles, which means hair growth. 
  • Adjustable needle length - The needle length you will use for the treatment will depend on scalp sensitivity. 0.5mm - 1.0mm is our suggestion as we are using this to grow hair. (If you are using it at 1.5mm, use it only once a week) This DERMA STAMP TOOL pairs nicely with our Extreme Growth Elixir (serum). After applying the Elixir, use the derma stamp.
  • Individually sealed packaging, safe and sterile. Includes Free Storage cover
  • In addition, studies show that the micro-channels created in the epidermis increase the absorption of active ingredients 1000-fold